Monday, July 20th

Several coaches will be heading to Carson for the games this week so we’ll be a little short handed on staff. Most classes will run as they have. However, the 9am and 12pm classes will basically be Open Gym. The gym will be open and Kerry will be there to answer any questions you have. But it will be your responsibility to show up on time, warm yourself up, and complete the work within the hour. I will do my best to write the workouts in detail and post demo videos for any exercises we don’t do on a regular basis.

And for a quick overview of the blog.

Now that we have wrapped up some testing of the previous 4 months, we’re going to be changing gears so the work may look a little different than it recently has.

The Performance blog will continue to be a balanced fitness program with tests and re-tests to review progression. The goal is fun, variety, and supporting an active lifestyle along with mental and physical progress for health and longevity. Performance focuses on the basics but also serves as a platform for people who’s goal is to move toward competing in the Sport Of Fitness.

Since the 2015 Open, the Competition blog has been focused on building absolute strength in the slow lifts.  We will now begin a long term plan for increasing work capacity in preparation for a peak for the Open in 2016.

Ted Talks: Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Accessory Work is in orange, Optional Conditioning is in pink, Demo links are in green.

5 sets of:
A1) Back squat x 4 reps @30X1 (build to a heavy set of 4)
Rest 90 seconds
A2) Max rep strict Chin Ups
Rest 2 minutes
(perform A1 and A2 as a Superset)

4 sets of:
B1) Bent Over Row row x 6 reps
Rest 60 seconds
B2) Close Grip Bench Press x 6 reps
Rest 90 seconds
(perform B1 and B2 as a superset)

C) For Time
50 Toes To Bar

A) Every 3 minutes, for 9 minutes (3 sets):
Back Squat
Set 1: 3 reps
Set 2: 2 reps
Set 3: 1 reps
(Warm up to a heavy set of 3, then begin. Add weight over the sets. Does not need to be 1 rep max)

B) 50 Handstand pushups for time
*6 minute time cap
(strict is preferred if possible. Or practice kipping. If you don’t have handstand pushups you can do pike pushups form a box or do negatives HSPU. Lower your head SLOWLY to the ground then kick back up.

C) For time
20 Back Squat 225/165 (scale with 185/135) Taken from a rack.
40 Toes To Bar
60 KB Swings 70/63 (Russian)

3 sets
Weighted Hip Bridge x 25 reps (weight with barbell across hips)
Rest 45 seconds
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (use Dumbbells)
Rest 45 seconds

Optional Conditioning would be performed 3 hours before or after the primary work.
25 minute easy aerobic run for meters.
Rest 5 minutes
6 sets of:
60 meter Sprint
Rest 60 seconds

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