Wednesday, December 24th

Box Brief: Classes at 5am, 7am, and 9am today. No classes Christmas Day.

Performance and Competition are in red.

Strength: A) Every 3 minutes, for 9 minutes: Front Squat 5@65, 3@75, AMrAP@85%

B) Every 3 minutes, for 9 minutes: Romanian Deadlift x12, 10, 8 reps

WOD: Partner Death By Burpee
Partner A and B alternate minutes. Add one burpee each minute until you can’t continue.
Start at 4 per minute – must do a minimum of 14 min or 7 rounds each. If you can’t complete the prescribed reps in the minute, start back at 4.

Phone: 360-219-7173
902 Johnson Rd Centralia, WA 98531