Wednesday, December 31st

Taking Advantage of Holiday Downtime

Often times coaches and athletes have time to decompress and unwind a bit around the holiday season. Generally that decompression leads to great opportunities to understand how the year went, where strides were made, and where opportunities were missed.  Here are a few tidbits that you want to make sure that you do when you sit back and think about what has been and what IS to come:

1. Take the judgement and emotion away from what you either did or didn’t do over the year: It’s so important to look at the realities surrounding what you spent your time doing. If you only look at the good and the bad you will miss a great opportunity to see exactly what you spent your time doing. So often you can get a great insight into yourself when you see exactly how you CHOOSE to spend your time

2. Write down those things that you did accomplish: Too often people think about all of the great things that they did or experienced but then they never think about them again. Write those pieces down because it will be a great reference point to build your new year on. Continue building on those accomplishments. Over time they will add into amazing things

3. Prioritize what you WILL accomplish in the new year: Too many people put some goals on a page (wonderful to do) but they do not spend time putting them in an order that will help them keep the most important projects at the forefront. It isn’t about guessing what is important. Take some time to understand what projects mean the most to you and what projects you NEED to get finished

4. Put the “players” in place: It’s important to know that you need help achieving the big things that you want to accomplish. Now is the perfect time to bring them in and get them excited about the new year. It is always more productive AND more fun to get to include those people around you in the big stuff

5. Put the plan in place to ENSURE that you stay on it: How many projects have started with the grandest of intentions only to review 6 months later with nothing accomplished? If you know that the project is highly valuable to you and you know that you have the pieces in place to accomplish it make sure that you do the work up front to strategize on how to make it go. Setup the calendar, build the task lists, setup the phone calls and the meetings, and get this thing going. Many times projects get missed because they aren’t structured. Structure it now and execute!

Take some time over the next few days and digest the year. Digest the ups and down. Understand what worked and what didn’t. Learn about yourself. Once you do you will be armed with the information necessary to attack this year with a unstoppable force!

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Accessory Work is in orange, Optional Conditioning is in pink

Strength: A) Every 2 minutes, for 8 minutes (4 sets): Front squat x 8 reps  (The bar should be in same front rack position as Frankenstein squats. If you can’t get in this position for mobility reasons, do the Frankenstein squat)

B) Every 3 minutes, for 12 minutes (4 sets): Strict toes to bar x Max reps in 45 seconds

WOD: With a running clock…

From 0:00 – 10:00
For time:
-100 Wall ball shots – 20/14#, 10/9′

From 10:00 – 20:00
For time:
-Row for calories
(There is an 8 minute time cap on each piece)

Strength: Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Minute 1 – 2 Rope Climbs (15′)
Minute 2 – 10 Meters of Handstand Walk
Minute 3 – 6-8 Ring Dips with a 2-Second Pause at Full Extension
Minute 4 – 30-40 seconds of Hollow Rocks or Hollow Holds

WOD: Every minute, on the minute, for 30 minutes:
Minute 1 – 20 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg – full vertical bell)
Minute 2 – 10 Walking Lunges with Kettlebells or Dumbbells (heavy!)
Minute 3 – 15 Burpees to 6″ Overhead Target

B) Five sets of:
10 Push Jerks (135-155/105-95 lbs)
Rest 2 minutes
Perform every rep as a push jerk – do not push press. The goal is to establish a good rhythm of efficient movement so that you can become faster as the sets go. Note times of each set.

Four sets of:
400 Meter (length of sled room x26 :-S) Sled Drag or Sled Push (you choose the loading)
Rest half the time it took you to drag

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