Friday, March 6th

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue

WOD: For time
100x Single unders
10x Chinups
10x Russian Swings – 55/35#
90x Single unders
9x Chinups
9x Russian Swings
20x Single unders
2x Chinups
2x Russian Swings
10x Single unders
1x Chinups
1x Russian Swings

WOD: 15.2
Minute 0-3 Complete
2 Rounds
-10 Overhead squats 95/65
-10 Chest To Bar Pullups

Minute 3-6 Complete
2 Rounds
-12 Overhead squate
-12 Chest To Bar Pullups

Minute 6-9 Complete
-14 Overhead Squats
-14 Chest To Bar Pullups

Continue adding 2 reps every 3 minutes until you cannot complete the prescribed work with the allotted time.

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