Thursday, July 28th

Fraser Wins First Games, Davidsdottir Repeats- CrossFit Games

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Links are in green

A) “Round The World”
On the minute, for 40 minutes
Minute 1: Row
Minute 2: Front Leaning Rest 
Minute 3: Bear Crawl
Minute 4: Farmers Carry
Minute 5: Sled Push
*All at an EASY pace
Stager start on different minutes.

A) For Time
Assault Bike 100 calories
27 Pullups
Assault Bike 75 Calories
21 Pullups
Assault Bike 50 Calories
15 Pullups
Assault Bike 25 Calories
9 Pullups
*Push for big unbroken sets of pull-ups, even if it means you have to rest more.
*If you must use a rower, row 125/95/65/35 calories. Get outside if you’d like.

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