Saturday, August 27th

When Do You Push with the Arms in the Jerk?- Catalyst Athletics

The One Question to Ask to Figure Out How to Scale Your WOD- BarBend

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Links are in green

A) Every 90 seconds, for 10 sets:
High Hang Clean + 2 Push Press
(Warm up to a medium-heavy load and perform all your reps of the complex at that load. All reps should be crisp) 

C) 5 minute AMRAP
Waiters Walk with Kettle Bell 44/26
No rest, just keep switching sides 

B) 4 Rounds For Time
Run 400 meters
20 Russian Swings

A) Every 90 seconds, for 10 sets:
High Hang Clean + Push Press + Jerk
(work up to a heavy single for the day)

B) 8 minutes to establish a 10 Rep Max Dumbbell Push Jerk

C) 5 Rounds Not  For Time or 20 Minutes:
250 meter Row
8 Contralateral Reverse Lunges each leg
8 Dumbbell Bench Press, as heavy as possible
8-12 Abs of choice (ambit situp, strict toes to bar, GHD situp, myotatic crunch)

Take the rows at a moderate pace and aim to move directly from one station to the next without any big breaks. For the lunges, use 1 dumbbell or kettlebell held either in the front rack or at the hang and Reverse Lunge with the same side leg (so that the front leg is contra-laterally loaded). Do all reps on one side and then switch. Work up to a heavy set of 8 on the Dumbbell Bench.


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