Thursday, October 20th

Performance and Competition are in red

A) 4 sets of:
Static Hang in a False Grip on the rings or bar x 10 seconds accumulated.
(If this is easy, pull up and hang with arms bent at 90 degrees)
Rest 45 seconds 
Headstand Hold x 20 seconds accumulated. Begin with knees on elbows or knees at chest. Try extending legs if able. Scale with a Pike Pushup hold from a box)
Rest 45 seconds
L-Sit Hold x 20-45 seconds accumulated.
(Parallettes are the goal. Scale with hanging from a pullup bar and with one leg at a time)

B) “Round The World”
On the minute, for 30 minutes, at a comfortable pace
Minute 1: Row
Minute 2: Single Arm Farmer Carry   30 seconds each arm
Minute 3:  Assaulte Bike
Minute 4: Single Unders  Practice moving around and get creative
Minute 5: Bear Crawl

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