Thursday, November 17th

Performance and Competition are in red

A) 10 Minutes to build to a 1 rep max Strict Weighted Chin Up. 
(If you can barely do 1 rep unloaded then spend the time doing 5 or 6 sets of 1 rep. If you don’t have strict chin ups then use as little assistance needed to achieve 1 rep and do 5 or 6 sets 1 rep.

B) “Round The World”
On the minute for 35 minutes
MInute 1: Row moderate pace
Minute 2: Lateral Bear Crawl x :30 each way
Minute 3: Support Hold on rings x 15-30 seconds  (top of dip, rings straight) 
Minute 4: Assault Bike moderate pace
Minute 5: Single Arm Farmer Carry x :30 each arm   (Heavy but still able to stand up straight) 

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