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Aerobic work and % efforts

The easiest way to think about % efforts in aerobic work is your posture after the work bout is complete. For example:

70% = standing tall and un-phased; able to hold pace for 20+ minutes with sustained (even/identical/consistent) work output; recovered in under 2 minutes post-exercise

80% = hands on hips posture; able to hold pace for 12-20 minutes sustainably; recovered in 2-5 minutes post-exercise

85% = between 80 and 90%!! This is an individual gear and one that’s wise to open typical CrossFit events with to test the waters

90% = hands on knees posture, bent over; able to hold pace for 5-12 minutes; the limitation on recovery will be different at this point for folks – breathing, burning, psychology, etc.; always ask yourself ‘What stopped me from doing more’; In that answer is your direction and prescription

95% = want to sit down or take a knee after this; the pace is unsustainable and you run out of gas within several minutes; recovery will begin to take 10+ minutes for repeated effort

100% = rolling and lying on the ground; this final intensity is maximum speed and fatigues in under 2 minutes in mixed work for most; such a pace is often reserved for the finishing ‘kick’ in the closing moments of an event; recovery takes hours

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Performance and Competition are in red, Links are in green

A) 10 Minute AMRAP 80-85% Effort
8 Front Rack Lunges 95/65 (4/leg)
8 Bar-facing burpees
8 Front Rack Lunges 95/65
8 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

Rest 10-minutes before starting Part B

B) 10 Minute AMRAP 80-85% Effort
3 Man Makers (around 50/35 per hand. Make these TOUGH)
5 Strict Ring Dips (or stationary bars)
7 Ring rows, (make this more difficult by elevating your feet and getting your body horizontal)

Rest 10-minutes before starting Part C

C) 10 Minute AMRAP 80-85% Effort
35 Power cleans 135/95 or 115/75
35 Wall balls 20/14
35 Calorie Row
35 Abmat Situps

Try to complete these in order. But if you need to stagger to share equipment (dumbbells or rowers) then start on whichever AMRAP you’d like)

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