Thursday, December 29th

These Are Essential Movements- CrossFit

Performance and Competition are in red, Links are in green

A) On the minute, for 20 minutes:
Even: Deadlift x 5 reps @ 60%
Odd: Deficit Pushups  x 10 reps

(Hands on 25lb plates for men and 10 lb plates for women. You must touch your chest to the floor to get a benefit from the deficit. If you can’t do a standard pushup with your chest TOUCHING the floor then don’t use plates. Scale the volume or range of motion with an abmat as a riser or bands.)

B) 3 sets of:
Partner Glute Ham Raises x 8-10 reps SLOW   
rest as needed

C) 4 Rounds For Time
Row 500 meters 
Run 400 meters 

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