Tuesday, March 28th


A) 5 sets of:
Bear Crawl x 30 meters SLOW
short rest
Bottoms up Kettlebell/Dumbbell Carry x 15 metes per arm
short rest

(The length of the rig is about 15 meters)

B) 4 sets of:
Single Arm Kettlebell/Dumbbell Row x 8-12 reps per arm
rest 60 seconds
Hollow Hold x 30-45 seconds
rest 60 seconds

(Accumulate time in the hollow hold in as few of fractions as possible)

C) 10 Rounds
9 Single-arm KB thrusters 
9 Burpees

Accumulate 9 thrusters total making divisions between sides however you see fit


For the following 19 minutes, increase the loading on the barbell each set, allowing the positional work to help you build into heavier loading.

A) Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
High Hang Snatch x 2 reps @ 50-70% of 1-RM Snatch

Rest 60 seconds, and then…

Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
Hang Snatch x 1 rep @ 70-90% of 1-RM Snatch

B) Every 5 minutes, for 15 minutes (3 sets) for times:
Row 500 Meters
12 Burpee Box Jump-Overs 24″/20

Scale volume so you get at least 60 seconds of rest.

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