Saturday, August 12th

Habits vs Goals- Farnam Street

Yesterdays Workout

Performance is in red,
Competition is in blue, Links are in green

A) 4 sets of:
Dumbell Bench Press x 8-10 reps
rest 45 seconds 
Banded Overhead Walking Lunge x 8 step each leg
rest 45 seconds 
Sorenson Hold x 30-45 seconds 
rest 45 seconds

B) For Time
40/30 Calories of Assault Bike
100-Foot Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges

A) 15-20 minutes to work up to a 2 rep Pause Overhead Squat 
(Pause 2 seconds in the bottom)

B) 9 Minute AMRAP
1 Squat snatch at 70% + 2 Bar muscle-ups
2 Squat snatch at 70% + 2 Bar muscle-ups
3 Squat snatch 70% + 2 Bar muscle-ups

Work singles on the snatches. You don’t have to move like a maniac to do well on this. 

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