Friday, September 22nd

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Links are in green

A) On the minute, for 6 minutes: 
2 Tall Cleans

B) On the minute, for 6 minute:
2 High Hang Squat Cleans

Focus on speed under the bar on these drills today.

C) 5 rounds, not for time
2 minute Row 1100 cal/Hr  /800 cal/Hr
60 seconds Bent Knee Static Hang

Accumulate 60 seconds on the hang. Set the row monitor to calories and keep within 50 cals/Hr of the target pace above.  Even though we’re not doing the 5 rounds “for time,” keep your work rate up throughout.


A) Take 20 minute to build to a heavy Clean and Jerk

B) 3 sets of:
Close Grip Bench Press x 5-7 reps at 82.5%
rest 90 seconds 
Bent Over Barbell Row x max reps at 52.5%
rest 90 seconds 

C) 2 sets of:
Side Plank Kettle bell Hold x 30 seconds each side
rest 60 seconds
Leaning Lateral Dumbell raise x 15 reps
rest 60 seconds 

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