Monday, October 1st

By Travis Schliesser 


During this coming week we’re going to be getting Wodify up and running in the gym! Wodify will handle checking into classes, billing and workout tracking. So until the program is set up we will be using pen and paper to do business like we always have. Once the system is set up we’ll send out some video tutorials and demos to help you get familiar with it. The short term goal will be to get everyone checking into class either before you show up or once you’re at the gym. And also getting everyone to log your results into your personal profile and on the virtual white board. Eventually the whiteboards will come down and all results tracking will be done within the app.  

If you have any questions about what’s going on feel free to contact  Thanks!

The Benefit of Bad Training -Catalyst Athletics
Nutrition: The Problem -CrossFit Journal (video)

A) “Jerry”
For Time:

1 Mile Run
2000 Meter  Row
1 Mile Run

This benchmark hero workout “Jerry” (aka “The CrossFit 5K”), isn’t meant to be a relaxing jog/row sandwich. Set a goal to run a hard first mile, maintain an uncomfortable pace for the row, and empty the tank on the final mile. If you’re newer to CrossFit or your mile pace is greater than 10 minutes consider scaling to 2/3 Mile and/or a 1500m Row. If you have an injury that prevents you from running, sub 3 miles on the bike per mile on the run.

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