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Monday, April 16th

By Travis Schliesser   When You Never Rx Anything -CrossFit Journal Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Accessory Work is in orange, Links are in green A) Every 90 seconds, for 8 sets: Slow Clean Pull + Slow Hang Squat Clean rest...

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Saturday, April 14th

Happy Birthday Jenny! A) On the minute, for 15 minutes: Split Jerk x 1 rep Start light and make small builds B) Jackie Row 1000 meters 50 Thrusters 45/33 30 Pullups  A) On the minute, for 15 minutes: Split Jerk x 1 rep Start light and make small...

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Friday, April 13th

By Travis Schliesser   Aerobic work and % efforts The easiest way to think about % efforts in aerobic work is your posture after the work is complete. For example: 70% = standing tall and un-phased; able to hold pace for 20+ minutes with...

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Thursday, April 12th

By Travis Schliesser Happy Birthday Lisa!   Yesterdays Whiteboard: Slow Snatch, Partner WOD How to Start Olympic Weightlifting After 50 USA Weightlifting A) For Time: 200 Meter Run 27 Wallballs 20/14 27 Box Jumps 24/20 200 Meter Run 21...

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Wednesday, April 11th

By Travis Schliesser   Routine, Detail & Patience in the Olympic Lifts Catalyst Athletics A) 6 sets of: Slow Snatch Pull + Slow Squat Snatch rest 60 seconds  (Keep the bar on the lighter side. 2 second pause in the bottom of the overhead...

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Tuesday, April 10th

By Travis Schliesser   Yesterdays Whiteboard- Power Clean, Back Squat, Lunge Get to know us and follow our journey!- Flex Fuel Life A) Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets): Dip x 5 reps rest 2 min B) 3 sets of: Dumbbell bench press x...

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Monday, April 9th

By Travis Schliesser Happy Birthday AMA! Let’s Get Lateral -StrongFirst A) Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes: Hang Power Clean x 3 reps B) 3 Rounds of 50-ft Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge 35/20 16 Dead stop back squats 95/65  (From the rack...

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Saturday, April 7th

By Travis Schliesser Coaching Starting Strength A) Three sets of: Back Squat x 6-8 reps  Rest 60 seconds Lying Banded Hamstring Curls x 15-20 reps  Rest 60 seconds Hollow Body Roll to Superman x 6 rolls each way Rest 60 seconds B) 12 Rounds Row...

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