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Saturday, April 8th

Crawl Before you Run Written by Holden Rethwill In today’s society people are always wanting the next big thing. The latest and greatest item on the market. We can make this same argument about the sport of CrossFit. With social media at the...

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Friday, April 7th

We have started sending out a weekly email on Sundays that has additional Competition programming. The Competition programming is intended for people who want to compete in CrossFit as a sport AND have more than an hour to dedicate to a training...

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Thursday, April 6th

Performacne  A) 10 minute AMRAP Waiters Walk 44/26 lbs (no rest, just keep switching sides) B) Every 3 minutes, for 9 minutes (3 sets): Close Grip Bench Press Set 1: 15 reps @ 50% Set 2: 10 reps @ 55% Set 3: 5 reps @ 60% **Between each set...

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Wednesday, April 5th

Performance  A) 5 sets of: Power Clean x 4 reps rest 60 seconds 8-10 Kips on the rings mixing in toes to rings and pull-ups rest 60 seconds 10 HARD pulls on the rower rest 2 minutes B) 6 minute AMRAP 4 Kipping Ring Pullups 8 Strict Single Arm...

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Tuesday, April 4th

Performance  A) “Round The World” On the minute, for 40 minutes (8 sets): Minute 1: Double Farmer Carry Minute 2: Front Leaning Rest on rings Minute 3: Spin Bike (Keiser) Minute 4: Lateral Bear Crawl :30 Left/:30 Right Minute 5: Light...

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Monday, April 3rd

Performance  A) 5 sets of: Russian Swing x 15 reps  rest 15 seconds Deadlift x 5 reps  rest 30 seconds  Nose and Toes Handstand Hold x 30 seconds  rest 60 seconds  B) 12 minute AMARP 16 Alternating Front Rack Lunge 95/65  8 Toes To Bar 8 Hang...

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Saturday, April 1st

Performance  A) 5 sets of: Stability Overhead Squat x 5 reps rest 30 seconds  Side Plank Star Hold x 15 seconds per side rest 30 seconds  B) Every 5 minutes, for 25 minutes (5 sets), for times: Run 400 Meters 6 Strict Chinups 10 Overhead...

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Friday, March 31st

Performance Every 90 seconds, for 30 minutes (5 sets of each): Station 1 – 30-60 second Handstand Hold or Freestanding practice using a partner as a spotter Station 2 – Waiters Walk x 30 meters each arm Station 3 – Supinated-Grip Bent-Over...

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