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Saturday, March 19th

If you did 16.4 today and are repeating Sunday or Monday, use today as a “flush” day  do “Round The World”. Round The World 6 sets of: 1 Minute Assault Bike 1 Minute Row 1 Minute Front Leaning Rest on rings 1 Minute  Jog...

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Friday, March 18th

Make sure you are familiar with the movement standards prior to participating or judging the workout. View the movement standards here. Performance is in red, Competition is in blue A) 4 sets of: Overhead Squat x 5 reps (scale with pvc, band, or...

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Thursday, March 17th

Toes-to-Bar: Why You’re Strugglng to Touch Your Tootsies -Box Junkies Performance and Competition are in red A) Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes: Minutes 1-2 & 7-8: Ring Pushups x 15-20 reps @2121 (2 sec up, 2 sec down) (if you...

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Wednesday, March 16th

Elbows in the Press- CrossFit Performance is in red, Competition is in blue. A) On the minute for 15 minutes (5 sets): Minute 1: Romanian Deadlift x 6-8 reps @ 2011 Minute 2 – Alternating Reverse Lunges x 10 reps (perform these as heavy as...

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Tuesday, March 15th

Advice for the Newbie Weightlifter– Breaking Muscle Performance is in red, Competition is in blue A) 5 minute AMRAP @85% effort 3 Strict Pullups 6 Pushups 9 Lateral Lunges (or pistol progression of your choice) B) Every 2 minutes, for 12...

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Monday, March 14th

Movement Terminology Flexion – A decrease in the angle between two body segments. (At the bottom of a squat, your hips and knees are in flexion.) Dorsiflexion – Flexion of the ankle, so that the toes are brought closer to the shin. (At the bottom...

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Saturday, March 12th

Performance is in red,  Competition is in blue, Accessory Work is in orange In teams of two, with only one partner working at a time, partners alternate whole rounds to complete… A) 10 minutes AMRAP 10 Push Press 115/75 5 Burpees Over the Barbell...

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Friday, March 11th

Mastering the Bar Muscle-Up YouTube Performance is in red, Competition is in blue A) On the minute, for 8 minutes: Strict Shoulder Press x 1 rep Loads per set (by %): 55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, Rest 2 minutes B) Every 2 minutes, for 6...

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