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Thursday, January 14th

“Performance” and “Competition” A) 3 sets of: Close Grip Bench Press Set 1: 5@ 65% Set 2: 3@ 75% Set 3: Max Reps @ 85% Rest 2 minutes B) 10 Rounds for Time -24 Double-Unders -12 Air Squats Squats -6 Hand Release Push...

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Wednesday, January 13th

The time is NOW to begin preparing for the Open, nearly six weeks away—both inside and outside the gym. While building your metabolic engine up and hitting your sessions with well thought-out training is important, a huge piece of your Open prep...

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Tuesday, January 12th

“Performance” A) 5 sets of: Hang Power Clean x 5 reps Rest 2 minutes B) For Time: Row 2000 meters Work to build pace throughout, finishing the last 500 meters at 100%. (Compare to October 20th. Record total time and the average 500m...

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Saturday, January 9th

“Performance” A) 4-5 sets of: Row 1000 meters Rest 3 minutes (Take today to play with rower settings you will use next week to re-test your 2k row time) “Competition” A) 80 seconds Max Rep Muscle Ups B) For Time: 20...

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Friday, January 8th

Chris Spealler: Double-Unders Explained– CrossFit Park City “Performance” A) 4 sets of: Front squat x 6-8 (build loads from last week) Rest 2 minuts B) Every 90 seconds, for 12 minutes (8 sets): Standing Press x 2 reps (build...

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Thursday, January 7th

“Performance” and “Competition” A) Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes: Front Squat x 5 reps (build over the sets B) A/B Partner Workout Partners alternate full rounds. 12 Rounds For Time 10 Wallballs 20/14 15 Push Ups 30...

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Wednesday, January 6th

The Value of Hard Work Written by Mike Hom How many times have you asked yourself during a WOD, “Why do I do this to myself”? The question has traveled through my head many times. Some of the stuff we do really does beg the question. After some...

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